Working At Thungela

We strive to be a preferred employer to ignite change for the future.

Thungela was recertified as a Top Employer for the second consecutive year

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		Top employer 2023

We attract the best, passionate and enthusiastic people who seek sustainable employment, a rewarding career, growth opportunities, and personal development on a permanent or part-time basis.

At Thungela, careers are energised and taken to the next level. Whether you are seeking a learnership, or are a student, a graduate, or an experienced individual, find out how you can add value to the Thungela family. We are committed to promoting an inclusive and diverse environment that represents the demographics within our operating footprint.

We focus on our employees and develop individual talent further by engaging through intentional interventions. These include the likes of leadership development programs, career development panels and mentoring and coaching sessions. This approach ensures that our employees are technically ready and that their leadership skills are also refined to cope with the transition to the next level. In addition, we also have a market-aligned approach to remuneration that enables us to attract and retain key talent.


Inclusion and Diversity

True diversity is about bringing out the best in our people for the good of our organisation, our partners, and our host communities.

While we are exceptionally proud of the progress we have made in creating a transformed business, we are even more proud of a remarkable team that knows exactly what value it brings to the table.

Our people’s differences in race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, identity, and thinking all bring with them unique perspectives that help us grow, boost our creativity, and unlock innovative solutions to our evolving needs.

Inclusion and diversity for us is about everyone. From how we recruit employees, to the suppliers and vendors we partner with to the members of our board that steer our organisation. We believe that by nurturing diversity, respect and inclusivity, we can create a culture where anything is possible.

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The cornerstones of our Inclusion and Diversity Policy

  • Every colleague has a sense of belonging and can bring their whole selves to work without fear of discrimination.
  • People are valued and respected for who they are.
  • We harness diversity to achieve personal and business growth.
  • Inclusion and diversity are considered in all aspects of our business, from strategy and policy development to the way we conduct ourselves every day.
  • Diversity gives us a competitive business advantage.

Underpinned by our values and Code of Conduct, Thungela promotes an inclusive environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are, and where they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Inclusion and diversity are critical foundations of our Ethical, Social and Governance Framework.

We respect the cultural differences and the diversity of the communities within which we operate and are committed to being inclusive in our engagement with our stakeholders. We also hold ourselves and others accountable for actively being involved in creating an inclusive culture.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Policy understands that everyone is diverse and therefore everyone in their diverseness should feel included in the organisation.

  1. We aim to ensure that every employee has a sense of belonging and that their uniqueness is valued. They can bring their whole selves to work.
  2. We are committed ensuring that every colleague is valued and respected for who they are and can thus reach their full potential.
  3. Inclusion and diversity is part Thungela’s mission and vision, and outlined in our strategies and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage.
  4. We understand that everyone is unique in their thoughts, beliefs, contributions, and perspectives. Being inclusive is about valuing and harnessing uniqueness in order to deliver personal and business growth.
  5. Our policy strives to ensure that inclusion and diversity is reflected in our recruitment of diverse employees, including those who live with disabilities.
  6. We are committed to fair treatment for all employees in a flexible working environment.
  7. We are committed to creating an environment that is safe for all employees to be themselves.
  8. We are committed to continuous agility in our practices to ensure our people can be productive and effective.

Please beware of share fraud.  An unauthorised third party operating in the name and style of JSE Limited - Preference Shares Department, is offering a fraudulent subscription of redeemable Thungela preference shares.