How To Do Business With Thungela

At Thungela, we are committed to a responsible, inclusive and transparent Supply Chain that strongly supports sustainable businesses.

Thungela's Supply Chain Overview

Are you interested in doing business with us? If you are a prospective supplier or seller interested in pursuing opportunities with Thungela, please familiarise yourself with our efficient processes below. This will help guide you as you embark on your new journey of doing business with us.

1.1 Receiving & responding to RFI
1.2 Attach Supporting documents
1.3 Evaluation & shortlist of bidders
1.4 Enterprise and Supplier Development process

2.1 Bidders list compilation
2.2 Supplier SAP Ariba registration
2.3 Tender /RFP process
2.4 Tender award and contract drafting
2.5 Supplier Adoption / Onboarding
2.6 Contract administration and contract close out

3.1 Manage purchasing channels
3.2 Request for Quotation (RFQ) process
3.3 Purchase order placement
3.4 Purchase order Expediting
3.5 Manage purchase order amendments

4.1 Delivery receipts & administration
4.2 Warehouse Management
4.3 Good returns Management
4.4 Emergency / after hour Purchasing
4.5 Invoice booking and payment

If you are a potential supplier and you are ready to express your interest in doing business with us, please click here to complete your online self-registration request (please be patient while the link is loading). Please keep in mind that after self-registering, your company will be added to Thungela’ s potential supplier list and may be included in Adhoc sourcing events for contracts or procurement’s RFQ enquiries. The vendor onboarding process will only commence after an internal motivation form requesting full onboarding has been completed internally. Your profile may be loaded in the registration phase and be made available to all our sourcing departments.

If your services be specifically required from participating in our Request For Information (RFI) process, you will be shortlisted & requested to complete a further, more comprehensive profile in due course. Interacting via our digital platforms you may be required to complete & upload additional online questionnaire  and submit back to Thungela. Please see Business Opportunities page for open business opportunities.

Shortlisted suppliers will be invited for specific business opportunities via dedicated sourcing events run by the  sourcing practitioners or teams as they arise.

What’s next, you must register by clicking SAP Ariba to access information on SAP Ariba so that you can do business with us.

Supplier registration, or having full trade qualification, does not guarantee you business from Thungela, nor does it represent a contractual agreement or arrangement in any way.

Please view our Purchase order Terms and Conditions
Thungela Operations terms and conditions
Mafube Coal Mining terms and conditions

For enquiries on supply chain:


Please beware of share fraud.  An unauthorised third party operating in the name and style of JSE Limited - Preference Shares Department, is offering a fraudulent subscription of redeemable Thungela preference shares.