Health and Safety

We commit to the principle of zero harm to our workers and will strive to avoid, reduce, and mitigate the negative impacts we may have on communities.

Thungela’s commitment to safety is unconditional, and instilling this culture is paramount.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of all individuals working at Thungela sites, is imperative, and our target is non-negotiable. Therefore, we aspire to zero work-related losses of life, as well as to a consistent decrease in the frequency of every recorded case.

Our avid focus on risk, and the element of risk identification in the management process, is of the utmost importance. With every incident that occurs, a learning develops that is accompanied by a solution of appropriate controls. These form part of our practical safety guide that ensures risk averse culture.

At Thungela, we also combat non-communicable and communicable diseases through our leading HIV prevention and treatment programme, and other comprehensive internal wellness programmes like Be Well. With our HIV programme, 90% of our employees are triple tested annually. Of those testing HIV positive, Thungela has the highest percentage of 93% patients in treatment, and on antiretroviral medication. We have seen an encouraging 90% year-on- year reduction, in new infections (conversions and first time positive tests).

We are is creating and maintaining an environment where our targets are being met as the number of recorded injuries declines. As a result, we remain resolute and committed to our ongoing work of eliminating fatal and serious environmental incidents.

All of our sites are OHSAS ISO45001 certified.